How to Conquer the Challenges of Long-Term Travel (The New York Times)

Article at a glance: I get to travel and live in different places for months at a time if choose to. While this sounds wonderful, traveling long-term (we’re talking months) has its fair share of challenges, many of which you don’t think about until you have to face them.

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How I got it published: Originally, I had pitched the idea to the Smarter Living section of the Times since they dealt with more service journalism-type pieces, of which I’m more familiar. The editor told me that the Travel section was interested in the pitch, and from there, I was introduced to the Travel editor.

He told me that it would be strictly 1,200 words because it would be printed on a half page and that there’d be no room to play around with on word count. I didn’t mind. The article would appear in the paper edition of The New York Freakin’ Times!

As expected, there was a long delay between the time I submitted my first draft and getting edits, but once things got going the actual publishing went off without a hitch.

And if you’re curious about getting your own articles published in major outlets like The New York Times or even your favorite niche blog, check out my blog post on How to Guest Post (which includes REAL pitch examples).

Woohoo, you did it!

(Nevermind the lack of oxygen and whatever...🧐)

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