Hi there, Writers’ Rough Drafts listeners!

It’s-a me, Stephanie Lee! Thank you for listening to my segment on the show. 

As a special thank you, I’d like to cordially invite you to a one-night only event that I’m hosting on Monday, March 25th, 2019.

Intrigued? K, PLEASE READ ON! 😇

I’m guessing you have a TON of ideas and articles you’d love to write about (and more consistently!), but maybe you’re looking for a bit of extra guidance so that you can…

  • Focus your ideas so the reader comes away feeling empowered and wanting MORE articles from you.
  • Always come up with fresh ideas, even if they’ve been written about before.
  • Be confident that the editor would find the article idea compelling for THEIR readers. 

I say these with ease, but these are things that can take a writer a long time to “get.” 

A big issue with many writers I’ve worked with is that they don’t think about their idea and article beyond the fact that they just feel like writing it — and no one can blame them…because that’s all they may know!

But just imagine what a world of difference shifting your mindset just a little could do for your pitching and writing success.

So…how would you know if your idea is a GOOD one?

More important, how do you know if an editor will LOVE your idea? 

After all, you’re writing for THEIR audience, not yours. 

That alone changes things and makes it far more challenging to get ideas approved anywhere that has refined editorial standards.

Once you figure out what editors look for, you’ll be able to fine-tune your ideation process to match their standards and dramatically increase your article acceptance rate, not to mention understand how to write with a greater impact.

This took me YEARS to figure out and refine, but once I did I stopped wasting time writing and pitching ideas that no one, including editors, wanted to read or publish.

I want to share some of these advanced writing strategies and insights with you, so I’d like extend a special invitation to have you attend my live presentation on Monday, March 25th at 6 p.m. Pacific / 9 p.m. Eastern time.


All you have to do is click the big, red button below, take a 2-minute survey, and you’ll be added to the invite list!

By the end of the presentation, you’ll have a better understanding of how to come up with ideas that editors LOVE and look for when they publish articles.

When you know this, the rest of the pitching and writing process will get easier.

Even if you’re an experienced writer, I recommend you still attend because who knows if you might learn something that could 4X your acceptance rate with current and new editors!

🚨This live presentation is invite-only and will NOT be recorded. 🚨

So if you want to learn my timeless strategies that worked in 2015, still work today, and will work years from now, then skipping the gym, happy hour, or a little sleep could be SO worth it! 

ONE NIGHT ONLY. Monday, 3/25. Starts at 6 p.m. Pacific / 9 p.m. Eastern. 

And…BYOB 😉

Hope to see you there.