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"Stephanie is an expert in getting high-quality articles published on many major outlets."
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Ever feel like the market doesn't realize how GOOD you are?


It’s weird.


It seems that some of your peers are snatching up the best speaking gigs, landing killer book deals, charging premium pricing, and becoming more and more well-known and trusted by the mainstream media.


But if we’re being honest, you know just as much, if not more than they do, and are just as good, so what are they doing that’s different?


The truth is that…


It’s not because they’ve optimized their landing pages by 0.43%…


It’s not from spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads…


…or because they split-tested their subject line to increase open rate by 5%.


Instead, they built a presence and brand so good that the market can’t ignore them.


They continue to leverage their expertise and contribute thought pieces on major mainstream publications. 


And by doing so, they break out of the insular bubble that their peers are still stuck in and make a real impact by reaching and serving the people who need their help the most. The people who matter.


So if they made this possible for themselves…

Why not you?

I help visionary experts amplify their reach and impact by getting their own articles published in top-tier publications.

"Stephanie helped me narrow down my idea generation process for article topics and content. Before, I was trying to cover high-level information that was either unappealing or too complex for my target audience."
JC Deen
Owner of JCDFitness

I'll help you navigate the publishing world by...

  • Prioritizing the most USEFUL publications for your ideas and brand according to your goals.
  • Effectively positioning your expertise and STAND OUT in a crowded market.
  • Crafting slam-dunk pitches (that actually make publications EXCITED to work with you).
  • Ensuring that your written articles turn both editors and readers into raving fans.
  • Saving hours of time and frustration from trying to make sense of all the "hacks" and short-term tips.
  • Avoiding the risk of burning bridges from doing things the WRONG way.

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Hi, I’m Stephanie Lee.


I’m a writer and digital media strategist who’s been getting articles published since 2001. As a former editor for and, I know the insider track to effectively getting editors’ attention and landing your articles in major outlets.


I have hundreds of my own articles published in New York Times, GQ, New York Magazine, Lifehacker, VICE, Los Angeles Times, Women’s Health, and more. I’ve gotten my clients on Entrepreneur, GQ, Inc., Forbes, and New York Magazine.


My clients are health and fitness coaches and small businesses, life coaches, accomplished writers, and titans in their industry. Let me help you reach more people and take your personal brand and business to the next level. 


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"Don't let Stephanie's fun nature fool you. Whether you're an editor, entrepreneur, or writer, I trust her 100% with helping you get serious results."
Maneesh Sethi
CEO and Founder of Pavlok
"Stephanie is a pro in every sense---knowledgeable, easy to work with, and has a knack for explaining even complex topics to the everyman."
Whitson Gordon
Former Lifehacker Editor-in-Chief
"I can say without hesitation that if you want to improve your writing, get the attention of editors, and get your name out there as a reputable and quotable professional, Stephanie is your first stop."
Mike Howard
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