It’s Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I’m a storyteller, media strategist, and product designer dedicated to helping you share your stories and ideas with the world.

If you’ve ever wondered how some of your peers suddenly get media attention, build their audiences faster, or get more sales, the answer is that there’s usually someone behind the scenes helping them get press. For you, I could be that person.

Over a million people around the world have read my articles on fitness, health, personal development, entrepreneurship, and even video games across a variety of media outlets, including:

And I’ve been able to do this for clients, too. In all different kinds of businesses. In a variety of different industries. Yes, even in industries with tons of capable freelancers and PR companies ALSO parading their way through editor inboxes, like some weird Millennial Pied Piper of ideas. 

Doesn’t matter if you think your business is in “too competitive” of an industry, “too niche,” or “too hard to explain.” I’m able to find an opening, an advantage, and the right ideas and stories, and cut through the noise to continually produce repeatable and replicable results. Just like I did with the fitness industry. 

Boy, have you ever searched Google for “how to lose weight”? Literally zillions of articles in an instant! 😱You’d think that the well of ideas and opportunities to get published had all but dried up. But STILL, I found ways onto some of the most popular websites:

Now if there’s one industry that is super saturated and crazy competitive with an especially high barrier for females, it’s the video games industry. And yet…

And it’s not just me. My clients, too. One of them was a fitness company that billed itself as the most niche and “hard-to-explain” brand. “The average person just wouldn’t GET US,” they said. So I said, “Challenge accepted!”

Through a suite of online writing and publishing courses and personalized media services, I’m here to help you make a difference. To help you tap into the deepest wisdom within you that can, in turn, help others. To help you get your message to the masses. To help you build a brand that leaves a lasting dent in the universe. 

Depending on who you are, what your business looks like, and where you want to go, I have a few recommendations for you:

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My clients and my own writing have been featured in...

What My Students and Clients Are Saying:

“Stephanie broke it all down and made that process a lot less scary. Her framework took me step-by-step from nailing down my ideas to publish. I used her pitch and contact methods to become used as a source to new editors and journalists and get a three to four-page print layout (and if all goes well, another layout around the corner). Her lessons are truly priceless that don’t go out of date or style.” 
Leigh P
Motivational speaker and fitness trainer
“Stephanie helped one of my startup clients get on a mainstream publication at a pivotal moment in their funding, and they ended up successfully raising $15 million dollars thanks to her expertise.”
Dick T
Founder of Fitocracy
“Stephanie helped me break out of my own bubble and learn how to write to a greater audience. I took what I learned from her and got my first paycheck from a big fitness website for one of my articles. I still need to pinch myself!"
Jason L
Fitness trainer and owner, RevFit
“Within a first couple of weeks of Stephanie's program, I had someone reach out to me to work with me as a freelance writer via Twitter. What a surprise!”
Roxine K, freelance writer
Freelance writer
“Stephanie's course helped me completely change my mindset about my business. I help pilots become safer, smarter aviators with practical articles on a wide range of aviation topics. Thanks to her course, I will have my first article published in their May ‘18 edition! And I get paid!”
Sarah F.
Pilot and aviation blogger

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