Why, hello there, curious Googler.

As you may have heard, Stephanie Lee is a regular contributor to Lifehacker.com. She’s written on topics such as:

Ahem, allow me to drop the third person schtick here and point you to the rest of my 200+ articles that I’ve published on Lifehacker here.

These days I write a couple times per month for them, mainly on the sub-section called Vitals, which covers general health and fitness stuff.

Although I can write about anything, my interests tend to focus on the intersection between fitness, travel, personal development, and food.

I make sure my articles have some sort of lesson or takeaway that makes you go, “Damn, I learned me somethin’ today.”

So go learn you somethin’ today by reading my articles on Lifehacker.

FYI, because I want to puff up my street cred here, my writing also appears on a whole lot of other places like The New York Times, New York Magazine, GQ, and more.

Hold Da Phone…Why Does This Page Exist?

When one of the most common first names teams up with one of the most common surnames in the world, you get 87 million search results for “Stephanie Lee” on Google.

But you probably already knew that so you appended “Lifehacker” to make it a bit more specific — smart!

Since you went the extra step to search for me, my noodley brain decided to create this page and make it easier for you.

Thanks for being curious enough to Google me.

While you’re here, you can find more of my musings and writings on the digital nomad life on FY!S, which serves as the current repository for my thoughts on fitness, travel, and stuff.

Still curious? Come say hi on Stephanie Lee Facebook, leave a heart or comment on Stephanie Lee Instagram, and Tweet at Stephanie Lee Twitter.

Also, if you couldn’t tell, I love being silly because life is too short to be confused by all the Stephanie Lee’s in the world.