Stephanie Lee is a fitness writer, whose insight, funny jokes, and experience comes from years of working with the world’s best fitness minds and coaches. She has zero interest in coaching fitness, but she writes plenty of stuff that would probably be helpful to you.

Also, Stephanie apparently is a self-indulgent fool who refers to herself in the third person…

*clears throat*

With my writing, I take complicated and foreign concepts within fitness, health, science, and related fields, and squeeze them down to make delicious Kool-Aid for you to enjoy.

Hold Da Phone…Why Does This Page Exist?

When one of the most common first names teams up with one of the most common surnames in the world, you get 87 million search results for “Stephanie Lee” on Google.

But you probably already knew that. Hence why you added “fitness” to your search.

Your Google-Fu is strong, grasshopper.

This may not be the exact page you were hoping to find, but if you’re here I hope you had a nice chuckle and decide to go check out my musings and writings on the digital nomad life on FY!S, on fitness and personal development on Lifehacker, on traveling on Thrillist and The New York Times, etc.

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Also, if you couldn’t tell, I love being silly because life is too short to be confused by all the Stephanie Lee’s in the world.