On Stephanie Lee’s public Facebook page, you can follow the prolific writer’s random thoughts, articles that she’s written, and whatever else she decides to post on social media because we’re all supposed to post on social media these days, right?

Stephanie Lee’s personal Facebook account is reserved for stalking her friends and family. And Poking people whenever appropriate.

Wait, why am I still writing in third person…?

Hold Da Phone…Why Does This Page Exist?

When one of the most common first names teams up with one of the most common surnames in the world, you get 87 million search results for “Stephanie Lee” on Google.

So it’s entirely possible that the Stephanie Lee whose page this belongs to isn’t the Stephanie Lee you’re looking for. Sorry to have wasted your time if you were hoping to find the Korean model/actress.

But I demand to be a unique snowflake, so I created this page to set the record straight and make it easier for you:

I Am Stephanie Lee, known from my musings and writings on the digital nomad life on FY!S, on fitness and personal development on Lifehacker, on traveling on Thrillist and The New York Times, etc. Hear me roar! Or something.

Curious? Come say hi on Stephanie Lee Facebook, leave a heart or comment on Stephanie Lee Instagram, and Tweet at Stephanie Lee Twitter.

Also, if you couldn’t tell, I love being silly because life is too short to be confused by all the Stephanie Lee’s in the world.