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Bottom-line, you're not here to impress your peers.


Ultimately, you want to help more people because you know you can. You want to make a real impact.


Even if you're not a natural writer...


Even if you've never been published before...


Even if you don't have ANY contacts and don't know where to start...


If you are remotely interested in writing for publications this year, I encourage you to join my email to check out the tips that I would tell any of my closest friends if they asked me for help. 


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"Stephanie helped me narrow down my idea generation process for article topics and content. Before, I was trying to cover high-level information that was either unappealing or too complex for my target audience. Her course helped me step outside of the curse of expertise and get back in line with how to write more effectively for the people I was trying to reach."
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"I've had Stephanie as both an editor and a course leader. I can say without hesitation that if you want to improve your writing, get the attention of editors, and get your name out there as a reputable and quotable professional, Stephanie is your first stop."
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Hi, I'm Stephanie Lee.


I'm a writer and digital media strategist who's been getting hundreds of articles published since 2001. As a former editor for and, I know the insider track to effectively getting editors' attention and landing your articles in major outlets.


These are just some of the places I've been in:

I've gotten my clients on Entrepreneur, GQ, Inc., Forbes, and New York Magazine.


My clients are health and fitness coaches and small businesses, entrepreneurs, accomplished writers, and titans in their industry. Let me help you reach more people and take your personal brand and business to the next level.